Jonglieren in München e.V. (Juggling in Munich) is a forum for Acrobats, Aerialists, Jugglers, Unicyclist and all other Circus-Enthusiasts. We offer training possibilities throughout the week in sports halls in munich. There you can train on your own, or with your friends and learn to know new people. We also offer a broad variety of different workshops, which mostly take place on the weekend in Moosach. Every two years, we organize a large circus convention with several hundred participants. The next convention is in the planning for autumn this year.


If you are interested in coming by and training with us feel free to contact us( Due to the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a pre registration for our training sessions is required, as explained below.


For refugees, our training is free and insurance is provided by our umbrella association BLSV.
The annual fee for full earners is 42 €, while the reduced fee is 21 € (student-fee).


You can find the currently offered  workshops here. As they are only described in German, feel free to ask us if you have any questions. 


Our weekly trainings are: 

Monday 6:00 - 10:00 PM in Pasing (Elsa-Brandström-Gymnasium, Ebenböckstraße 1, 81241 München)

Thursday 7:00 - 8:30 PM in Giesing (Grundschule Wettersteinplatz, Fromundstraße 5, 81547 München)

Weekends with varying times in Moosach (Grundschule Jenaer Straße, Jenaer Straße 3, 80992 München, times are given in our calendar)


The current regulations to join our training are:

  • Please sign up for your desired training session via our online-lists. Just open the document for the date and place you want to train at and put your name, member-status, what you want to train, and if you are vaccinated, recovered or tested in the table of the timeslot you plan to use.
    The first line in each timeslot is reserved for the hygiene responsible. If noone signed in there, the training will probably not take place in that timeslot. If you want to become a hygiene responsible, just write us an e-mail.
  • Only vaccinated, recovered or tested people with the respective certificate are allowed. Tested means, you were tested by PCR within the last 48 h, or with an antigen test within the last 24 h. You can also bring a self-test and do it under supervision before training.
  • Children below 6 years can participate without any regulations.
  • Underaged students (below 18 years) that are regularly tested in school can also participate. An additional test is not needed, however they should bring their school-ID. During the holidays, an additional test is required.
  • If the number of infected per 100.000 inhabitants is above 350, a maximum of 30 people per hall is allowed.
  • Only members are allowed for our training at the moment. If you think of becoming a member, just write us an e-mail and a test-training is no problem. 
  • If you are a refugee, you are very welcome to join our training as well. 
  • As long as you are not actively training, please cover your mouth and nose with a FFP-2 mask.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 m to others, as long as you are not training something like acrobatics with them.
  • It is forbidden to join our training with flu-symptoms, like fever, or coughing.


If you have any questions, just write us an e-mail, we usually answer within a day and are happy to help.

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