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Donnerstag und Freitag am Wettersteinplatz

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Der Akroyoga Kurs findet ab Januar im Max-Josef-Stift statt. Zum den Kursen geht´s hier: https://www.jimev.de/workshops-und-kurse/akrobatik/

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Regelmäßiger Akrobatik Kurs mit den Loose Acrobats

Wintersemester 2023 Beginn 10.10.2023

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We will spend 2 days of intensive H2H training to improve our technique, connection and build up advanced tricks of both static and dynamic nature, like one arms, pirouettes, corbet, cascade, handspring,... and maybe a little bit of banquine in the afternoon.



Fernando (Argentina) and Fifi (Israel)
Fer has more than 20 years of experience as a circus artist specializing in H2H, and more than 12 years of teaching it. He started his circus journey at Argentina at criollo circus school and moved to Barcelona to specialize in H2H technique. He studied with the best of teachers in Europe and took part in group circus creations in France and Spain. A dominant part of his career was the duo Leti&Fer, working alongside director García Romero and performing for 8 years. In 2017 he met Fifi and their shared love of H2H led to the creation of FIFI Y FER, their duo, and together they teach and perform at festivals and conventions around Europe. For Fer, acrobatics and aesthetics come together, and can only be born from hard work and control of the technique. That is also the way of keeping the body healthy and strong for many more years of acro.

Fifi started as an acrobat in Israel, first as a child devoted to gymnastics. As an adult she was exposed to the Israel acro community. She went to Davka circus school in Jerusalem and in 2014 to Carampa circus school in Madrid, where she specialized at H2H. There, she also took part in the making of 'Meshubash', a feminine acro trio, and 'Faltan 7', an acrobatic circus group who she performs with to this day. Fifi has been performing and teaching with Fer for the last 5 years, they are both partners in acro and life. As a teacher she uses her acro experience and acrobatics background and puts an emphasis on form, rhythm and state of mind while practicing technique.




The level of this workshop will be quite advanced. You should be able to perform these prerequisites safely: 

- Stable H2H while the base walks in a square

- Pitch to reverse F2H, tempo in reverse F2H

- F2H long arm 

 Please register in duos. 



Registration, Location and Time


Registration: Please complete the following form to register https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfN96SJyyxEThPFgyAIhJbvx1-925B44HjB9sv4aOJK06BZiA/viewform?usp=sharing 

Location : Jenaer Grundschule

Time: Saturday and Sunday (26./27. August 2023)

10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 16:00, option for open training afterwards



  • 110€ per person (external guests)
  • 100€ for JIM eV members
  • 120€ (supporter option)

80€ reduced option, please contact Anni at acromunity@gmail.com

Patnerakrobatik für weit Fortgeschrittene in englischer Sprache

Wann: 03/04. Juni 2013

Wo: Turnhalle Jenaerstraße 3


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