Tom the Acrobat

Tom the Acrobat

This workshop includes a special format:

In the mornings we will work on basics and drills with the focus on cleaning up your technique and finding the most effective way to do tricks, based on your submitted wishes. Participants will learn how to break down complex skills and how to work with dynamic energy. Tom has a great build up ready for you with many drills, tips and tricks to improve your technique and precision. During all of this we stay safe by making sure that everyone knows how to spot properly.
The afternoon is a guided open training, including step by step … for tricks on your wishlist, and individual coaching. We will try to get up to 5 or 6 longes.




Tom is a professional circus artist and teachers who started training Dutch acrobatics, upgraded it with Ukrainian technique, refined his work under tutelage of various experienced coaches and incorporated elements of dance and martial arts in his movement. Some of his teachers are: Jim and Det, Wybren Wouda (ACAPA; Codarts), Slava Kukuskin (Kiev; Moscow; ESAC), Chris Murawski (German & Polish Sport acrobat with more than 20 national and international titles).

His combined lack of discipline, natural ability to avoid hard work, love for comedy series, excessive sun bathing and awesome hair style have created the performer and teacher he is today.



Following prerequisites should be performed with your partner easily: 

standing h2h 10 sec 

standing reverse f2h (safe and easy) 

f2h tempos (flyer jumps, no release necessary)

If you doubt if the workshop suits you, please write me a message!


Registration, Location and Time

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Social Pricing:
I try to make my acrobatic workshop accessible to everyone, who wants to join, regardless of their economic background.
If you are able to pay more, you contribute to the social pricing system and help others to afford the workshop.
Sliding scale:
100+ % you can donate to support others
100 %: normal ticket price
80 %: write "social20" in the google form
If you struggle financially, but you really would like to come, let me know, we will figure something out.


Location : Jenaer Grundschule

Time: Saturday and Sunday (03. - 04. June 2023)

10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:00

price: 120 € early bird, 140 € lazy bird